1. Can. Not. Complain. #nofilter

  2. Miniature lobsters (or crawfish, whatever) - just one of the many perks of traveling home in April. #expatathome

  3. Nothing like getting Longhorns everywhere to throw a thumbs up. Everyone send your good vibes @Unsy1234’s way today. #thumbsupforUns

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to one hot mama, @twylabutts! See you on Wednesday!

  5. Hausmusik

  6. What a day! (at Südweststadt)

  7. Not only do all the customers know me by name (or Texas girl, whatever), they also send you shared Google Drive files of your work night. #publife (at Bray Head Irish Pub)

  8. Best early birthday gift ever from @laurenilla! Love my mini grill, fits right in my bike basket!

  9. And today’s 12 hour shift begins with some new Strongbow swag… #pubperks (at Bray Head Irish Pub)

  10. I wanted to make a special dinner last night. Magic can happen when Pinterest doesn’t fail you… Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce + side of quinoa salad.

  11. Holy homemade donuts (Fastnachtskrapfen)!

  12. What a fun @hendricksgin filled night with the @turtleneckclub #Karlsruhe! #regram

  13. All-Star dinner tonight: field greens with walnuts and goat cheese, Porter House, and stuffed, roasted butternut squash. 🍖🍷🍴

  14. You know you’re a match made in nerd heaven when…

    You Google Hangout on two different devices each simultaneously.

  15. Shopping seriously is a workout in London and @shushukhud and I have marathoned.